The purpose of this website.

The purpose of this website is to provide a central location for the members of our extended family to keep in touch with one another and to keep one another informed of the significant events that would be of interest to one or more of us. As the various offspring of Carol and Granville Beedle have increased in numbers, age and physical locations, married, had children, and in some cases their children have had children, it has become more difficult to keep current on the happenings in so many lives. When we do have the opportunity to get together it creates such a wealth of good feelings and good memories. Additionally, as family members have pursued a wide variety of occupations and interests, it is quite apparent that within our own extended family we have a wealth of information and knowledge that could serve as a significant resource to each of us. It is my hope that perhaps this website can help us keep in closer contact with each of the members of this wonderful family that I feel so privileged to be a part of.

Over the last few years, family members have been very diligent about sharing news regarding medical emergencies and other dire events. While this is very important, it is equally important to share all of the good things that are occurring in our lives. Hopefully this website can help in this regard!

This is a “work in progress” and suggestions are both encouraged and welcomed. It is most likely that there are numerous errors. Please contact me at and I will make corrections as quickly as possible. Additionally, my experience in setting up websites is extremely limited. (What I’m really saying is that this is my first attempt.) So I would be more than pleased to share the editorial responsibilities with anyone in the family who has some experience or interest in this area.

On the website there are three pages on which you can input data: The “Recent News” page, the “Family History” page, and on the “Administration” page there is a questionnaire that would provide meaningful information about you to other family members. Please fill out the questionnaire and use the other input sites freely. Also, please send in picture files, preferably jpegs, of family members and events. Image size of 5″ x 7″ or smaller works best. Once on the page, I will “thumbnail” the photos so they download quickly.

My hope is that over time, this website will develop a life of its own with the active participation of all family members.


Don Healy